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Are you an owner or builder who needs a competitive electrician?

We offer large attractive discounts for owner builders in the local Mandurah and Peel Areas. With our years of experience and reliable service why would you not use RMW Power Plus

Owner Builder

If you are an owner builder who is after a reliable and competitive electrician you can count on us. Since RMW Power Plus is a locally family run business we can also offer big savings compared to other businesses in the area. We can help you on all electrical projects on your new build from installing the main switchboard to running power throughout your property. With building a new home you will probably have a lot to take on board so why not take on a reliable and local electrician team who can take the headache out of at least one thing on your long list of things required when building in Mandurah.

New Kitchens

Wether you have a customised kitchen you are installing your self or using the services of a local cabinetmaker. We can help with the planning and installation of power and lighting in your new kitchen. Nothing is worse than delays on a project because the power isn’t in the correct place when the next trade turns up delaying the project further.

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With your new home lighting is a great way to not only show off your new investment but to also brighten up dark areas in the house. We can supply and install our LED downlights that look great but also are energy efficient saving you on your power bills going forward. Also we can install any other lighting like outdoor wall lights, chandeliers and any other type of lighting you may have purchased from other stores.

Data / TV

When building your new home it might be worth considering running your data cabling while the house is still in construction phase. One main reason is it is a lot easier to run conduit before the plaster is in place saving money but also giving a better finish to the property. We can run data cabling such as cat6 and also install tv aerials and outlets. Since we have unobstructed access it can be a great way to save big dollars while the house is still being built.

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